HTML tutorial by Eni.

What you need: Notepad. A browser.

Lesson 1

Your first HTML file.

Open a clean notepad document. Type this:

This is my first HTML file.

Key: "html" stands for hyper-text markup language, and the tag tells the computer that from now on you're talking HTML to it. "body" tells the computer that this is the main body of the page, the bit it's meant to display.

Now go to File --> Save
Where it says at the bottom, "Save as type:" make sure you select "All files"
Type the file name - let's call this "first" - and the file extension (.html)
So you're saving it as first.html

Now, open up the file in your favourite browser.

Wheee! You did that yourself.

That is the bare bones of an HTML file. Even if it has nothing else in, that is a valid document. Nice work!


On to lesson 2...